Coil Spring Manufacturer Creates Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications

The Yost Superior Co., a coil spring manufacturer, collaborates with customers to design springs that meet and exceed the specifications for a multitude of applications, from consumer goods to industrial equipment.

As a coil spring manufacturer, we have experience serving a variety of industries. Examples include transportation, agriculture, hydraulics, aircraft, food packaging and processing, musical equipment, energy and scientific equipment.

We deliver effective solutions for customers as we combine engineering excellence, investment in superior equipment and processes, problem-solving creativity and an extensive inventory of materials including stainless steel. Wire sizes range from .005” to .625”. We are also supported by the latest version of the Spring Manufacturers’ Institute’s Advanced Spring Design software.

Automatic coiling equipment is a critical component of the operations of a coil spring manufacturer. Other types of equipment, such as a lathe or CNC machines, also may be used to form coil springs.

The equipment forces spring wire into a helical coil around a mandrel, or shaft. The equipment is adjusted to vary the geometry, dimensions and tension necessary for each application.

A coil spring manufacturer uses complementary technology to complete the production process. This includes heat treating, which relieves the stress the coiling process causes and restores the resiliency of steel.

Types of springs designed and manufactured by The Yost Superior Co. include compression, extension and torsion springs. Working with our customers, we factor in a wide range of variables to design springs that deliver optimal performance for their intended application. These variables include dimensional and load requirements, stress, fatigue life, tensile strength, tolerances and exposure to corrosive conditions and temperature extremes.

There is truly no limit to the types of springs our engineers can help you create. Contact us today to begin working with our design, research and development team to find the best solution for your application—from springs for consumer products to springs for your industrial machinery.