extension springs

Extension springs can be customized to fit into a multitude of applications. When given the right design properties, they are handy little parts that can be used for a number of things.

So what are these springs used for? Here are some of the common uses of extension springs:

  • Automotive Uses: Extension springs can be found in a number of places in vehicles, including both the exterior and interior. One of the most common usage is in carburetors.
  • Garage Doors: Extension springs are what make garage doors so easy to open upwards.
  • Vise-grip Pliers: These pliers can be locked into a specific position and used like vise grips. The extension spring keeps the grip tight.
  • Trampolines: Extension springs are what give trampolines their bounce.
  • Washing Devices: Extension springs help keep the tub balanced. Washers usually have several different springs, referred to as suspension springs. One end of these springs has a long hook on it, while the spring part is located near the other end.
  • Toys: A number of different toys, especially those that have some kind of throwing or shooting action, make use of extension springs. These springs are usually very small, which is why toys that use them often have choking hazard warnings and are intended for older children.
  • Farm Machinery: Many pieces of farm machinery use extension springs in the same way that other vehicles do, although they are used in a number of specialty equipment as well.
  • Medical Devices: A number of medical devices use extension springs. These devices include stretchers, surgical lights, and a number of small handheld devices.

Designing the Right Extension Spring

Because extension springs have something attached to either end, these springs actually store up potential energy and create resistance. The spring’s initial tension determines how tight its coils are. In addition to varying tension, extension springs can vary by body length, extended length, maximum load, loop/hook length and more.

You can also determine the loop position, length inside the ends, material, finish and so much more. Each property that you customize will create a spring that is suitable for a different application and environment. At the Yost Superior Co., our expert engineers can help you determine the right specifications for your spring order.

To start designing a set of springs today, contact our team to request a quote.