Our experienced staff can help you find the perfect extension springs for your application – regardless of industry.

Extension springs, also known as tension springs, resist the pulling forces of two objects moving away from each other. Simply put, extension springs perform the opposite function of compression springs – extension spring coils stretch while compression springs flatten. As this stretching takes place, the spring absorbs and holds energy.

Your extension spring’s initial tension (force required to separate the coils) is a critical aspect of the part’s efficacy over its lifetime. This is just one variable in a litany of spec considerations that also include end types, material, length and diameter.

Typically having coils which are tightly wound, extension springs also commonly feature special hooks on their ends to attach to the objects they resist. The varieties of end types available include half loops, full loops, machine hooks, extended hooks and crossover center loops. A drawbar hook is a special end type which essentially gives a traditional compression spring the function of an extension spring (providing more overload protection than possible with a conventional extension spring). As part of our custom design process, The Yost Superior Co. can always ensure you get the right tension and the proper end type for your application.

Music wire and stainless steel are the two most common materials used for extension springs, and both are available for custom orders from The Yost Superior Co. Depending on your needs, you may want to opt for a special finish like zinc plating or a variety of other finishes available.

Have a question about our variety of options for custom extension springs? Contact our skilled team at (937) 323-7591 for a full overview of the customization options we can offer for your application.