Inconel wire forms and springs can take the heat.

When you need springs that can combat the toughest conditions and environments, our inconel wire forms and springs are the right choice. Where other forms fail, Inconel metal alloy is made to withstand the toughest stresses and pressure.

Resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, Inconel is often used in chemical, nuclear and mechanical industries. Inconel maintains its strength and properties at temperatures greater than 1,000° F, making wire forms made from inconel ideal for high temperature applications, such as jet engine parts, nuclear power plants, heat-treating fixtures, forming tools and extrusion dies.

From handles to wire clips, Inconel wire forms are designed to meet the needs that coiled, tension or extension springs can’t. These wire forms can be bent or molded into any unique shape or size your application requires – and the experts at The Yost Superior Co. will custom manufacture your design on site.

Whether you need one or 1 million parts, contact us today to get a quote on your custom Inconel wire forms, or call (937) 533-4170 to speak with an experienced wire manufacturing engineer.