Spring Manufacturer Creates Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications

Compression, extension and torsion springs play an active role in an amazing array of products in everyday use, from pianos and kitchen appliances to fire trucks, tractors and industrial equipment, so a qualified spring manufacturer like The Yost Superior Co. is prepared to help customers design effective springs for a limitless number of applications.

The Yost Superior Co. combines its creativity, extensive engineering experience and the latest version of Advanced Spring Design software from the Spring Manufacturers’ Institute to design springs that deliver the exact performance specifications required for any given spring application—as economically as possible.

A spring manufacturer, in collaboration with a customer, must take into consideration many factors to develop durable, effective spring designs. These considerations include dimensional and load characteristics, stress, fatigue life, tensile strength, available materials and exposure to corrosive conditions, temperatures and tolerances.

A quality-focused spring manufacturer, The Yost Superior Co. maintains membership in the Spring Manufacturers’ Institute through which members address key concerns of the industry: quality, technology, materials and government regulations.

The primary categories of springs designed and manufactured by The Yost Superior Co. include:

Compressions springs – These coil springs are considered one of the most efficient energy storage devices in existence. When a load is placed on them, they compress and offer resistance to the compressing force. They decompress when the load is removed. Examples of compression springs include suspension coil springs in motor vehicles and springs in retractable pens.

Extension springs – These springs, made of coiled steel, are attached at both ends to other components. A common example is an extension spring that pulls a screen door closed. Extension springs are designed to absorb and store energy, and the coils are specially wound to resist extension. They are made with hooks or eyes for attaching to other components. Common applications include reclining chairs, vise-grip pliers, farm machinery, toys, trampolines and carburetors.

Torsion springs – Made to react to rotational forces, or torque, torsion springs are used in applications as simple as a clothespin or mousetrap and are commonly used in motor or drive units with a rotating shaft. Torsion springs are formed to act against torque.

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