Month: February 2017

Choosing Between Quality, Quantity and Speed in Spring Manufacturing

When it comes to parts manufacturing, there are three main elements: quality, quantity and speed. It’s a similar triangle that you’ve likely seen before, and many experts state that you can only choose two of the three corners. Consider the following scenarios: If you want quality extension springs quickly, you’ll have to sacrifice quantity. If […]

Need Custom Springs on a Schedule? We Can Be Your Partner

Setting up a custom spring manufacturing schedule is one of the best decisions that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can make. Rather than placing a single order every time you need parts, you can simply have them delivered right when you need them. At The Yost Superior Co., we partner with OEMs across the country to design, […]

Can Your Springs Take the Heat? Try Inconel Superalloy

Temperature performance is just one of the many factors that go into spring design. When it comes to withstanding very high temperatures, nothing beats the resilience of inconel springs. This type of material far outperforms most others, so if you need a spring that can withstand heavy amounts of pressure and high temperature environments without suffering […]