Our engineers really, really know their springs.

What is there to know about springs? A whole lot, it turns out. Each time The Yost Superior Co. assists a customer with a new custom spring, our engineers take dozens of factors into consideration, including:

  • Temperature: Not only may your project require a material like Inconel to tolerate extreme heat, but temperature will also affect how much load loss your spring will have due to relaxation.
  • Corrosion: What kind of chemicals will your spring be exposed to? You may need finishing such as zinc or cadmium plating, or passivation for stainless steel springs.
  • Durability: What kind of life expectancy do you expect or need for your springs? Again, this may influence not just your choice of material, but also the diameter and number of active coils.
  • Stress: What kind of load do your springs need to be able to handle? How often? How fast? Every spring has a limit; if you push springs past their limits, they’ll not return to their original shape.
  • Space: The environment a spring is working in is just as important as the spring itself. If your spring doesn’t have enough room, stress could critically compromise your entire system.

There’s plenty to consider with every single order, and each little change can make a huge difference in performance. Don’t trust just anyone to get it right.

The Yost Superior Co. has the expertise, both in the engineering department and on the factory floor, to deliver on our high standards. From carbon steel wire to exotic stainless steels, age-old processes to emerging technologies, you can expect truly precise springs and wire forms from our Springfield, Ohio plant.

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And “precise” isn’t just a buzzword – our springs are fine-tuned to do your job right. Whether you’re designing a new product or need a replacement component, you can count on our trademark attention to detail, supported by the latest software as recommended by the Spring Manufacturers Institute. Our use of modern machinery with accurate technology is backed by more than 100 years of spring manufacturing experience.

Spring engineering isn’t simple, but you’ve got a spring manufacturer you can trust in The Yost Superior Co. Whether your next order is one piece or one million, give us a try by contacting our engineers for a detailed, solution-focused quote. We think we’ll be your “Clear Choice”.