What Makes a Torsion Spring Different?

Torsion springs rely on a rotary force to operate instead of an axial force. Because of this, when designing and manufacturing torsion springs, there must be extreme precision. 

Our Engineering and Manufacturing teams have designed and developed many torsion springs, and have determined the correct parameters to rely on for your project.

Some of the parameters that our team will consider include:

  • Inner diameter of the spring
  • Outer diameter of the spring
  • The diameter of the wire used within the spring
  • The total spring length
  • Maximum deflection, load and wind
  • The wire material and finish
  • Spring rate
  • The leg configurations of the spring

Common Torsion Spring Examples

Our engineering capabilities allow us to create torsion springs that can be used in products like:

  • Door handles
  • Foot pedals
  • Return levers
  • Safety hooks
  • Trailer ramps, gates and lids
  • Mousetraps

Don’t know where to start or if a torsion spring is the right product for your project? Contact our engineering team today to ask your questions: