Custom Springs Based off Industry and Application

Compression Springs

  • Extremely common; exists an applied force or stores energy
  • Most commonly found in valves, pumps, and consumer goods

Extension Springs

  • Also known as a tension spring
  • Most commonly found in garage doors, automatic washing machines, balance, scales, and toys

extension springs

Torsion Springs

  • Exerts a rotary force instead of an axial force
  • Most commonly found in wooden mouse traps, ratchets, many machine components, and window shades

Wire Form Springs

  • Can bend spring wires into virtually any shape or size you need for the job
  • Extremely versatile

Stamped Springs

  • Similar to a wire form, only a strip of flat metal
  • Apply special tooling like slots, holes and bends
  • Production sizes range from 0.090” thick x 3” wide

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