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Understanding Compression Spring Shapes

compression springs

If you are examining various types of springs, you can study conical springs, components that feature a constant pitch, barrel springs and designs that offer a variable pitch. Many customers select barrel springs because each component’s central section maximizes durability and stability. Moreover, numerous buyers choose conical springs and devices that have a constant pitch, […]

Why Spring Pitch Matters in Spring Design

compression spring

Spring design demands close attention to detail. Seemingly minor factors can have significant impacts on the behavior and performance of the resulting devices. Spring pitch is one such characteristic, and it’s critical to understand its effects. Here’s what to know about how it’s measured and what it might mean for your spring-dependent application. Spring Pitch […]

Understanding the Differences in Spring Wire Materials

spring wire material

Choosing the right spring wire materials when developing a torsion, extension or compression spring will make all the difference between enjoying a cost-effective, successful project or an expensive, failed project. In addition, certain factors directly impact your choice of optimum material for spring projects, such as tensile strength, corrosion resistance, elastic deformation, electric conductivity and […]