When it comes to parts manufacturing, there are three main elements: quality, quantity and speed. It’s a similar triangle that you’ve likely seen before, and many experts state that you can only choose two of the three corners. Consider the following scenarios:

  1. If you want quality extension springs quickly, you’ll have to sacrifice quantity.
  2. If you want a large quantity of compression springs made quickly, you’ll have to sacrifice quality.
  3. If you want a quality torsion springs in large quantities, you’ll have to sacrifice speed.

It’s a pick-two scenario that no one should have to endure. So, which aspects are the most important?

Superior Quality

True quality springs are not only made from the very best wire materials and finishes, they are a product of precise design specifications. In order for a spring to truly perform at its best, it must be custom fit to the product or application it will use it. You should never settle for lower quality springs. They will just cost you more money and aggravation in the end.

Exact Quantities You Need

You shouldn’t have to scramble around to different precision spring manufacturers just to get the exact quantity of parts that you want. A good spring manufacturer will have the capability to produce anything from one to a million or more springs for you.

You need a precise number of springs because that is what is required for your business to succeed. You should never settle for anything less than exactly what you need.


Working quickly is the true sign of any professional. If your spring manufacturer is telling you that your order is delayed or that they are too busy to get started on it, they are not the right company for you.

Don’t wait for your springs, get them on time from a professional company, every time.

Why Not All Three?

Do you have to sacrifice any of these three very important factors? Absolutely not! Never let a manufacturer tell you that you can only choose between two of the three. Work with a company that can deliver you precise springs in the exact quality and quantity that you want and at the speed you deserve. That’s what we have been delivering to our partners for more than 100 years!

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