spring wires on a shelf

At The Yost Superior Co., we have been manufacturing and selling quality springs and wire forms for more than 100 years. The art and practice is practically ingrained into who we are, and we work hard every single day to deliver the very best products to companies in a huge range of industries.

But how do we achieve such quality?

Quality Custom Springs

We start with the right materials. From stainless steel to inconel and countless other materials, we have over a million pounds of wire at our manufacturing facility, leaving you with a variety of choices and finishes to complete your preferred spring order.

It’s All About the Fit

Beyond the materials and precise engineering, getting a quality custom spring is all about “the fit.” Every spring we manufacture is specifically made to order based on your precise needs. Whether we are working with compression, extension or torsion spring design, custom-made wire forms or precision stampings, you will get precisely what you need for your application.

Most manufacturers have access to the same materials, but not every spring manufacturer works closely with you to assess your needs and produce a quality product that works exactly how you need it to.

What You Need, When You Need It

If timing is important to your manufacturing process, we can be a reliable partner and asset to your business. Whether you work on a JIT, KANBAN or any other timeline, we will be on time with our delivery, every single time.

There’s nothing like getting the exact spring that you need, precisely when you need it.

Quality is Our Standard

Quality is about the materials used, the manufacturing process, the precise fit and the time it takes to have your order fulfilled, and our company delivers on all of these fronts.

There are standard springs, then there are quality custom springs made by our engineering team here at The Yost Superior Co. Whether you are looking for small batch orders or large-scale, repeatable orders, we can help you get the right parts for your application.

To get started, simply contact our team and let us know what you need.