mechanical springs

Extension springs, precision springs, most other spring types are usually made out of durable materials such as stainless steel. Even though they are designed for repeated use on a daily basis, they sometimes fail. Usually it’s an inherent flaw in the precision spring design, but there are also a number of different things that can cause a spring to fail.

Here are some of the most common:


This is especially common in the springs found in garage doors. Springs used in these doors are typically rated for a certain number of open and close cycles, and the more the door is used, the faster the spring is going to wear down. Eventually, the spring will lose its tightness or may even break.


A rusted spring is going to quickly wear down. That’s because the rust causes friction as the coils move and it can even damage the metal. A rusted spring is likely to break at some point unless it’s cleaned. We suggest oiling springs that are in a damp area to help prevent rust from building up. You can also design a spring that has a better finish, making it more suitable to harshly corrosive environments.

Stressing the Spring

Precision springs are rated for use with specific weights, and if you attach a low-rated spring to more weight than it can handle, it will wear out very quickly. The spring’s coils will be stretched so far that they will either break or will not return to their tightly coiled position. It’s important to discuss with your design and engineering team to calculate the approximate load that your springs will need to be able to bear.

Cheap Construction

Some springs are made out of very cheap metals that don’t hold the tension as well or rust more easily than others. These springs will wear out much more quickly than those made from stronger, more durable materials. Never settle for cheaply made springs as you will be replacing them far more often.

Improper Maintenance

Although spring design is the largest contributor to spring lifespan, you can increase the lifespan of your spring by keeping them, and your equipment that makes use of them, well-maintained. Improper maintenance will cause springs to wear more quickly, leading to application failure.

Work With the Best

As we said before, design is heavily related to the lifespan of precision springs. Not only will having a better material and finish lessen the chances of application failure, it will also make your springs perform to the best of their ability.

At The Yost Superior Co., we have a team of spring specialists who can help you design a spring that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you need 10 or 10,000+, our team can help. Contact us today with any questions or get right to it and request a quote.