compression spring

Customization is essential when designing compression springs for one very important reason: every compression spring, based on the application, will have a different function. Add environmental factors into the equation and you’d be hard-pressed to find a non-custom spring that will suitably fit your application. That’s why custom compression springs will always outperform and outlast their mass-produced, non-customized counterparts.

What goes into designing a custom compression spring? There are several key factors that must be taken into account.

A Bit About Compression Springs

Compression springs are the most well-known and widely used springs on the market. They are designed to resist forces that are exerted upon them and store energy when compressed. When the force is taken off them the energy is released and the spring returns to its normal state. Compression springs can be used in a variety of applications and can even have rods run through them, making them very versatile mechanical springs.

Designing a Compression Spring

When designing a compression spring, there are several things account for:

  • The type of wire: this will be based on the load that will be applied to the spring as well as various environmental factors.
  • Wire diameter and coil diameter: these determine the spring constant.
  • Wind direction: whether you need left or right hand springs.
  • Wire shape: you can choose between round or rectangular.
  • Number of coils: find out more about choosing the right number of coils here.
  • Spring end type: generally, you choose between open and closed ends.
  • Free length: the length of the spring when no force or load are being applied to it.
  • Maximum solid: also known as solid height. This is the height of the spring when all the coils are touching and no more load can be applied to the spring.

Why the Design Matters

Compression springs essentially have the same basic load bearing function, but the ways in which they can be used in applications vary greatly. At The Yost Superior Co., we have the capability to configure compressions springs to many custom specifications, allowing them to exhibit unique characteristics that include extreme space efficiency, nonlinear load deflection and improved energy storage capacity.

Know what you need in your compressions springs? Even if you don’t, and you need some design help, reach out to our team today. We can provide you with a quote and even some design advice on what custom spring specifications will best fit your application. Contact us today.