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You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right spring manufacturer, so why complicate the matter by looking at companies located outside the U.S.? Whether you are looking for quality torsion, extension or compression springs, it’s always better to order from a reliable U.S.-based company. There are some inherent drawbacks to purchasing your springs from overseas, but purchasing springs made in the U.S. also benefits your business in many ways.

Guaranteed Quality

When you work with U.S. companies, you are more likely to have a company who is ISO certified. This certification doesn’t always apply to companies outside the U.S., and many companies your encounter will not have it. In fact, many companies will have no certifications at all. The problem lies within the regulations placed on industries by many countries (more specifically, the lack thereof). When you do not have quality control over the parts that a company can make, there is no guarantee that the products they create will be of significant quality.

When it comes to your products and applications, you want quality parts, so you should always look for ISO certification. Why is this certification important? ISO puts forth may quality standards that must be met in order to become certified (you can view them here on their website). Always stick with U.S. companies to get the best products.

Less Time Dealing with Customer Service

Customer service is important in any industry, and no matter which company you work with, you will likely have to work with their customer service representatives at least once. Whether that is through sales, inquiries or complaint resolution, you will always need to reach out to your spring partner.

When you work with a company located outside the U.S, there are many challenges that can arise while dealing with customer service, these include:

  • Language and other communication barriers.
  • Time differences (depending where they are located, they may be closed during your business hours or even during daylight hours in your timezone).
  • Measurement differences (standard vs. metric system).
  • Slower response times.

If you want the best customer service, work with a company located in the U.S..

Lower Shipping Rates and Faster Shipping Times

While looking for the company with the lowest prices is not always the best (lower prices can often mean lower quality), this doesn’t mean that you can throw away money on higher shipping costs. This is especially true if you order large amounts of springs very frequently, which will significantly drive up your overall costs. Companies that are located farther away will have higher shipping rates (and much longer shipping times, unless you want to pay more for expedited shipping options). They will also have to go through customs, which can further increase costs and shipping times.

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