springs and wire formsShape, bend, length, angles, ends, materials. A lot goes into designing precision wire products. More than most people know. Sometimes you know exactly what you need for your application, and sometimes you need something so customized that it requires a bit more thought. Sometimes there is something better that you could be using. The only way to tell is to examine the application you need, design the ideal wire form and put it into production.

The key phase of this process is design. How do you design the ideal custom wire form? It all depends on the function that it will serve. From there, it’s all about the specifications. Our team can help you find what you need, and it’ll help to dive a bit deeper into the process of designing the right wire form.

Focus on Material First

Choosing the right wire material is the basis of wire form design. During the quoting process, our engineers can help recommend wires that may save you on costs or improve the performance of your parts. Choosing the right wire can be the difference between an application that works seamlessly and one that fails miserably. It’s important to understand the strengths and limits of each type of wire. If you don’t know, or aren’t sure, make sure to ask us when you request a quote. Different materials will have different tolerances to heat, corrosion, rust and other environmental conditions.

Wire Length and Diameter

The size specifications that you choose for your custom wire form come into play when choosing the bends that you need and the angle in which these bends will be at. Wires with a smaller diameter will be able to be bent in more complex shapes. The wire diameter and other size specifications can also impact the tolerance of the wire form.


Do you have a precise shape in mind for your wire form? The only limit here is your imagination. Our engineers can achieve nearly any shape that you can think up. Our CNC capabilities allow us to bend wires with precision.

Ready to create the perfect wire form for your application? Contact The Yost Superior Co. today to request a quote.