the yost superior company logo#1) Our Experience is Your Benefit

We have been a spring and wire form manufacturer for more than 100 years. Our predecessors have passed down their knowledge of spring design, engineering and manufacturing to new generations, and we put that knowledge to work for you. When you order parts from us, you are getting years of experience put into the products that you purchase.

#2) We Don’t Just Make Springs

The range of products we manufacture goes beyond compression, torsion and extension springs. We also manufacture custom wire forms and small stampings. We can achieve nearly any shape, bend and form with your choice of wire. Give us a challenge!

#3) You Really Can Customize Your Order

From the wire materials you choose to the spring specifications and coatings, there are limitless ways for you to customize your order. Our engineering capabilities include everything from temperature and corrosion resistance to durability, stress and space limitations. We can also create springs based on the length, wire diameter, coils, ends and so much more.

#4) We Have a lot of Wire

Speaking of customization, we have over a half million pounds of wire in our manufacturing facility. To ensure that you get the parts that you need, we have an expansive inventory of wire materials range from from .005” to .625” in many materials.

For a comprehensive list of wires we work with, see our expanded inventory of custom spring materials.

#5) Order Size and Frequency Doesn’t Matter

Whether you need a million pieces for a massive production project or a single, one-off prototype order of a single piece, we can help. No matter how many pieces you need, or how frequent you need them to stay on your manufacturing schedule, we can fulfil your order.

#6) We Work With Clients in Many Industries

Whether you are an OEM that makes parts for the aerospace industry, a medical equipment manufacture or anything in between, we can provide you with the parts you need. See our custom spring applications for an extended, but not exhaustive, list of the industries we have worked with.

#7) It’s Easy to Get a Quote

There’s not a lot left to say. If you need a quote on your spring order, it’s easy to get started. Contact our team and tell us about what kind of custom springs or wire forms you require.