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When compression springs came under more stress than they are designed to handle, their risk of buckling greatly increases. In order to prevent product or application failure, it’s essential to ensure that buckling will not occur in the springs that you use.

What is Compression Spring Buckling and How Does it Happen?

Compression spring buckling occurs during spring deflection and results in severe instability in the spring. As the spring is further compressed, the instability becomes greater until the spring gives and buckles in a non-axial direction. Most of the time, the spring will not return to its original state and will become permanently deformed, making it unusable because it can no longer provide the force it was designed to provide. Once it begins, the buckling will not stop until the spring fails completely.

Compression spring buckling is generally caused by excess loads and poor spring design. To prevent this from occurring, the spring’s length and diameter must be able to meet the load expectations of the application.

How to Prevent Compression Spring Buckling

Compression spring buckling can be prevented by using custom springs that are specifically designed to work within your product or application. When designing a spring for an application, it’s essential to take into account the outer diameter, free length and number of coils that are required. A compression spring must have the proper dimensions to prevent it from buckling laterally during use.

To avoid buckling, never have a spring whose free height exceeds it’s mean coil diameter. If your springs length is beyond 5 times it’s coil diameter, there is a large chance it will buckle (note: this depends on the spring material, design and wire thickness. Some springs will begin to buckle if their free length is as little as 3-times its average coil diameter).

Be Safe and Avoid Spring Buckling

To ensure that your springs won’t buckle under their required loads, make sure you work with a reliable company whose expertise in spring design is thorough and, most importantly, avoid using stock springs. At The Yost Superior Co. we can help you design a spring that will not buckle, giving you an application with a very low rate of failure.

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