medical device spring in a syringe

When designing springs for medical devices, your choice in materials matter as much as the design specifications and manufacturing process. Although the best springs are custom made, there are a few features that are found in many of the mechanical springs used in medical devices.

Medical Spring Size

Since many medical devices tend to be small — modern technology is constantly making them even smaller — the springs that are used in them feature very small diameters and free lengths. Medical devices like syringes, pill dispensers, and other small devices require small springs that can maneuver tiny and delicate components. The wire size for these springs can be as small as 0.05mm. The force required to move these components is small, and the device requires very fine movements to operate effectively. Everything from the length of the spring to the total number of coils, number of active coils, wire thickness, and outer diameter will affect the operability of the device and must be carefully taken into account.

Wire Type

There’s a reason why many, but not all, springs used in medical devices are made out of 316 stainless steel. This is for several reasons. 316 Stainless steel is:

  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Able to be used in medical procedures
  • Strong enough to be used in many applications
  • Generally affordable

While steel is common, it’s also not uncommon to see metals like titanium and a few others to be found in springs used in medical devices.

Spring Type

In general, there are three types of springs that are used in medical devices:

  1. Constant force springs: these types of springs provide a constant load that allows for smooth, even motion of a device.
  2. Torsion springs: specifically, spiral torsion springs that allows products to rotate in two directions before returning to center.
  3. Spring-powered reels: also known as mechanical cable reels, these springs primarily power retractable devices.

Springs for Your Medical Device

Precise specifications are the key to quality springs for medical devices. Whether you know exactly what you need in your springs or need some design help from our engineers, we can help you create springs that exceed your expectations. Don’t wait, contact our team for a free quote on your order today.